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Virtual Club Streamstage

Current Events

There are no planned upcoming events. Follow Prettyboy Yumi (twitter) for updates.

Past Events

May 9th 2020: "End of Howler" Virtual Club Event
All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).
Doors Open7:30PServer: club.howler.space
Bushmaster9:00P -Big Beat, Breakbeat, Acid House
DJR310:00P -Bemani, Neo-rave, Gabber

Recap is available here.

Connection Information


Club Howler is a virtual streaming stage that lets people experience music together. It's a virtual cocktail bar, it's a digital music festival, it's a livestreamed experience.

The streamstage exists in Garry's Mod and is supported by a handful of open-source add-ons written by DJR3 exclusively for Club Howler.

All events are livestreamed via our official Twitch.

Virtual (Juggernaut) Rave Machine