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Club Howler is a virtual club developed by Prettyboy-yumi; it is a novel and intimate space, an Internet-exclusive music venue hosted in Garry's Mod (URL: club.howler.space; Port: 27015) featuring live DJ sets from our community members across a number of custom maps.

We have the following amenities:

Learn how to connect or join us in virtual reality with our in-depth guide.

Upcoming events

Nothing planned at the moment...

Past events

Saturday October 24th, 2020
STREAMSTAGE Mixed / Virtual Reality Set
Sunday June 28th, 2020
EVA_Online Syesthesia DJR3 Mixed Reality Audiovisual Experience
Saturday June 13th, 2020
Bushmaster: Virtual Rave & TTT
Saturday June 6th, 2020
DJR3: Virtual Rave & TTT
Saturday May 9th 2020
"End of Howler" Virtual Club Event

Connection Information

All events are livestreamed via our official Twitch.
Follow @prettyboyyumi or @DJ_RThree for more.