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Watching us on Twitch

If the lobby is full or you don't have time to watch the whole set, checking us out on Twitch is the easiest way to catch some of the stream. Also consider joining the Discord server so you don't miss any of our future events!

Connecting without Virtual Reality

If you do not have a VR setup you can still easily connect to the server. Just simply perform the following steps:

  1. Download & launch Garry's Mod
  2. Click the “options” button
  3. Click "Advanced" and then "Enable Developer Console"
  4. Click the ~ key (below escape)
  5. Type this in the console that pops up: connect club.howler.space

You should now begin the process of connecting to the server. We have a bunch of custom models (as well as our custom maps) so the process may take a few minutes. Currently, the estimated size of all downloads is 10MiB. Once connected, you can press the “F3” key to change your player model.

Choosing your player model using Outfitter (Optional)

When you spawn, your player model will be the default Counterstrike: Source Phoenix Terrorist. You can use the "outfitter" command to change your model to anything on the Steam workshop! I maintain a curated list of player models or you can just search for your own!

  1. Enable developer console (Options > Advanced)
  2. Type "outfitter"
  3. Click "open workshop"
  4. Find your favorite model or use one of mine above!

Enabling Virtual Reality in GMod (optional)

If you have a Virtual Reality HMD or Windows Mixed-reality setup this is the prefered way to connect and experience the music and atmosphere. First, launch SteamVR using your headset. Of course this procedure is headset-dependent, but you can play Steam games with nearly every headset avaialble (e.g. I game with an Oculus Quest, anything is possible!)

  1. Download and unzip Catse's VRMod Files
  2. Move the contents of the "\install\GarrysMod" folder from Catse's stuff into your Garry's Mod folder (C:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Garrys Mod\garrysmod normally)
    • This enables you to play Garry's Mod in VR
  3. Launch Garry's Mod and then launch SteamVR

With SteamVR launched, follow the steps to connect to the server (under the Connecting without Virtual Reality header). You will do this on your computer. Once you are connected to the server, pick a player model and:

  1. Press “F2” to launch the VRMod control panel (only works on the server, type "vrmod" into the developer console otherwise)
  2. Press “Start VR” to begin rendering to your headset
  3. Put on your headset and get used to the controls!

The bindings will be different for every controller, however, just click around and try it out! If you have any trouble, reach out to yumi@prettyboytellem.com and I can (probably) help you out.

The server will also be open for a few days leading up to events for you to test all this out, as well!